AV & HDMI or HD-SDI Receiver

Model : RC3/RC4

Category : Live Video Receiver


RC3 with HDMI Output

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RC4 with SDI/ HD-SDI Output

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Automatically Receives the Live Video from the IVB7 webcast equipment. No need of any configuration, static IP address

  • Live Video Receiving Equipment has one HDMI output with audio.
  • (On model RC3) or SDI/ HD-SDI / (on Model RC4) Both the models have one Video Composite output with stereo analog audio RCA Outputs.
  • Both come along with built-in 3.5" LCD Screen to preview the Live Video & also come along with mini Audio amp with speakers and volume control to monitor the Audio.
  • Supports Live Receiving of quality video without buffering from 100kbps download onwards with ivb7 software & CDN.
  • Can be used with any USB Data Card – where internet is low.
  • SDI/ HD-SDI/ 3G-SDI (Output On model RC4) or HDMI Output with audio (Output On model RC3)
  • Composite Video with RCA
  • Stereo Audio with RCA
  • 2 Nos. Of USB2.0 ports to connect Data card or mouse
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, LAN port
  • Power Supply – 5v DC
  • Dimensions RC3: Length: mm Breadth: mm Hieght: mm Weight:
  • Any Internet from Wi-Fi or LAN or Data Card.
  • Used for Live Video Receiving the broadcast of TV Channels at remote places through internet
  • Broadcast & Receive of Live News,& at MSO to distribute Live video channels through internet.
  • Please Note: Ivb7 Automatic Receiver will automatically receive Video webcast through ivb7 software & CDN
  • One Year from the Date of Purchase.
  • Service Warranty Can be claimed at our Chennai Office - 95,Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai by sending the equipment by courier or bringing it in person
  • 3 to 10 Working Days within India