Events and Exhibition Gallery

IVB7 Team participates in all technology and broadcasting exhibitions conducted across India and Sri Lanka to showcase the live streaming solution. Take a look at these snaps showcasing our presence in latest Exhibitions conducted in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Madurai. We will keep updating this page with lot of exciting pictures of our team and exhibition stalls.

Bangalore Expo-3

Bangalore Expo-5

Bangalore Expo-4

Bangalore Expo-2

Bangalore Expo-1

Madurai Expo 2012-4

Madurai Expo 2012-3

Madurai Expo 2012-2

Madurai Expo 2012-1

Mumbai Expo 2012-2

Mumbai Expo 2012

Broadcast India, 2013-5

Broadcast India, 2013-1

Broadcast India, Chennai-...

Broadcast India, Chennai-...

Broadcast India, Chennai-...