Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I buy IVB7 products and solutions?
Please contact our sales at or fill in the contact form or please call us directly on the numbers mentioned.
Can I use IVB7 solutions for training?
Yes, IVB7 products and solutions can be used for live training, webinars, to create and store to store video podcasts or Computer based training material.
I have purchased the IVB7 WebCaster and WebStreamer. I need help on using the software. Where do I get help?
Please refer to the documentation provided by IVB7. For additional help,contact our support executives through phone or raise a ticket and someone will help you.
Can I see a demo of the solution before I purchase?
IVB7 sales team is always available to teach and show a complete demo of the app. Feel free to contact us and ask us if you have any other questions or doubts.
Do I need a professional video camera to use IVB7?
No, you don't need a professional camera if you’re not going to do a professional webcast. However, if you’re a videographer or photographer, you can use your existing professional equipments along with IVB7.
Will people with slower internet connections be able to view my live WebCast?
Yes, that is one of the major features of IVB7. Your audience with slower internet connections can view the live video with no buffering.
Do I need the IVB7 hardware to stream online?
We recommend using a combination of the IVB7 WebStreamer along with the webcaster to obtain the best results as they’re developed in sync and optimized to provide the best output when used together.
I am new to video streaming. Will someone teach me and help me?
IVB7 technical support people will provide you full guidance if you’re a new customer over phone and help you use the software by yourself. Frequent webinars and seminars are conducted by our consultants at various places. Contact us to know more.
Can I use third party softwares along with IVB7 services?
Yes, you can but you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of all the features that work in conjunction with other IVB7 components. IVB7 is a pool of components that work together to provide solutions.
Can I take the WebCaster equipment along with me and use it in a portable manner?
Absolutely, the webcaster is portable. You can carry it with you and broadcast from anywhere. Most portable of all is the WebStreamer using which you can even live stream right from your mobile phone or tablet.
Do all the features of IVB7 work on all the platforms?
No, all the features of IVB7 will not work on all the platforms. Certain features differ from platform to platform. However, streaming live, recording and chat remain the same in all the platforms. Only additional value added features will differ.
Does IVB7 support multibitrate streaming?
Does IVB7 support DVR?
Does IVB7 support mobile devices such as IPhone and Android?
Yes, Live streaming TO & From works on all platforms. Apart from live streaming, features such as chat and presentation also work on different platforms.
Can IVB7 streams be viewed without Flash player?
Yes, it can be viewed using HTML5
Do you provide Video transcoding as a feature?
Yes, it is provided as a separate service or part of some plans. Please get in touch with our consultants.
Can I use the WebStreamer for two way Video conferencing?
Yes, IVB7 has features that support two way video conferencing.
What is the difference between WebStreamer, WebCaster and Web Portal?
WebStreamer is the streaming software (Contains an encoder and several additional features). WebCaster is the hardware used to do live streaming (certain models have the encoder built in) and the WebPortal is a website developed to be used mainly as a Video portal.