IVB7 Features Tour

IVB7 is the world’s leading live streaming solutions provider offering the highest number of features as a package in the Industry today. We provide just anything and everything you need to GO LIVE!

Switch CDN and stream through networks in different locations around the world

  • IVB7 has a state of the art datacenter facility and tie ups with various cloud providers and datacenters around the world. Each IVB7 CDN is located in different locations across different providers.
  • The best part of the IVB7 CDN network is that you can switch CDN’s by yourself manually if needed.

On the fly Multi camera switching

Use multiple video devices with IVB7 Web Streamer. Switch between cameras using the video switcher on the IVB7 WebCaster or use the Video mixing capability of the IVB7 Webstreamer.

Built-in multi-platform compatible chat

Use the IVB7 chat on any platform. IVB7 provides apps that have chat integrated in various platforms. Developers can also easily integrate the IVB7 live chat with custom developed software


Powerpoint presentation manager

Upload powerpoint presentations using the IVB7 WebStreamer and speak to your audience with presentation in real time. The presentation tool has an integrated whiteboard through which you can interact with your audience in real time.

Interactive animations streamer

Stream live HTML5 animations and flash animations for e-learning. It has never been easier for students to learn. Use video and audio along with interactive animations to make it easier for your audience to understand.

  • Our animation studio partners can help you in making interactive e-learning animations for your audience. Be it a sales report or a learning material, it is best to do it with IVB7

Two way conferencing

Combined with all the other features is two way video conferencing. IVB7 product is not limited to video streaming with presentations. You can do much more than one way streaming now. Stream and conference in real time.