About IVB7

IVB7 is a revolutionary technology to broadcast online live through a powerful Cloud based Content Delivery Network. It is a highly scalable network that offers live streaming of media to various fields of business. The IVB7 interactive web-based live streaming has proven its efficiency in delivering high quality streaming even at alarmingly low bandwidths with its extraordinary streaming software and invincible network infrastructure. IVB7 users have all experienced the consistency, efficiency and supremacy of this interactive live webcasting solution.

IVB7 was founded by people who were pioneers in the video industry for over 30 years. Mr.Stanley Russel founded IVB7 after his rich experience in leading a popular video studio in Chennai and providing services to top industry leaders beginning from the early 80’s. Today, IVB7 has clients all over the world and a heavy investment on the latest infrastructure such as CDN’s, servers and software.

Why IVB7?

The best brand you can trust. IVB7 stands out in terms of Technology, Quality, People and Practice.

Our customers love our products for its simplicity, elegance & robust technology.
Our research team invents at a rapid pace, continuously improving our solutions.
Our dedicated and passionate staff is dedicated to helping you along the journey.
Our product is a direct reflection of continuous improvement and excellent service.

Significance of the name - IVB7

IVB can be referred to as Instant Video Broadcast or Interactive Video Broadcast since IVB7 satisfies both those features in its products.The number 7 stands for complete and hence it is altogether a complete Instant plus Interactive Video Broadcast solution.


To consistently stand out in the field of Video Broadcast. To innovate and invent new technologies for the sake of providing best business solutions to our clients.


On the road to achieving our vision, constant development is taking place everyday and every hour at the IVB7’s development lab, currently supported by GloriaTech. Young people are encouraged to learn and innovate in the field of video streaming and IT to invent new ways of communicating and reaching people, all for the sake of serving our clients and satisfying other businesses needs. The IVB7 business partners are constantly investing on technology to fultill the dream and vision of the company.