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IVB7 SDI, HDMI & AV Webcaster

Model : #LP4

Category : Live Streaming Equipment

Stock availability : YES


Can Stream good quality Video with 100Kbps upload onwards directly from HDMI and 250 Kbps upload onwards directly from HD -SDI

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Also available in two models:

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#LP3 Dual HDMI & AV Input with HDMI output
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AV & HDMI or HD-SDI Receiver

Model : #RC3/RC4

Category : Live Video Receiver

Available in two models:

  • #RC3 with HDMI Output
  • #RC4 with SDI/ HD-SDI Output

Stock availability : YES


Automatically Receives the Live Video from the IVB7 webcast equipment. No need of any configuration, static IP address


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